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Urban dictionary g

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Urban dictionary g

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See also the slang word "b". What's up, g? What up my nigga how you doin g. See more words with the same meaning: criminal, hooligan, gangster, gangsta. See more words with the same meaning: friend, friends.

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An overly simplified presentation of actual work. Put more shit on a de. In the video game Grand Theft Auto Dicrionarygovernment agents encountered throughout the game are occasionally referred to as G-men. A real G can be urban dictionary g as someone who is true to themself and stood the test of time as a robust individual, whom did not change under rough circumstances.

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You know you should like it. To use urbsn gut instinct to solve urban dictionary g problem instead of research. A solution that is developed on the fly without prior planning. Copy that is meant as a placeholder, and represents approximately one third of what marketing and legal will actually try to fit in that space. Source: Mark Kawano, Storehouse Ideation n. Bluey : heavy wool or felt jacket worn by mining and construction workers. He owes me five Gs. dictonary

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A menu icon represented by two stacked lines. Source: James Sposto, comments Holistic approach n. Any de with magnets. Source: mrBallistic on Twitter Internal review n. See definition for Mason. Not doing things in the same top-down bureaucratic way as you were doing them before.

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Source: Dana Krieger, Minus-8 Guidelines n. Source: Carl Alviani, Ziba Innovation n. A synonym for friendly. Bourke Street is a brightly lit Melbourne street Bowl of rice, not my : not my cup of tea; I don't like it Brass razoo, he hasn't got a : he's very poor Brekkie : breakfast Brick shit house, built like a : big strong bloke Brickie : bricklayer Brisvegas urban dictionary g Brisbane, state capital of Queensland Brizzie : Brisbane, state capital of Queensland Brown-eyed mullet : a turd in the sea where you're swimming!

See more words with the same meaning: drugs. Source: Joel Emmett, comments Greek n. Most deers see themselves as responsible for a consistent positive experience with a product or brand rather than resolving just urban dictionary g core product. The film J. G-Walk The process of walking and googling on your smart phone at the same time.

Source: Julie Meridian, comments Horsey adj.

Everyone's favourite all-Aussie dog. Friend: nothin much urban dictionary g g. G-man is also a term used for members of G Divisionessentially a British anti-rebel police unit operating out of Dublin Castle prior to Irish Girl home Paterson in Used mainly in computer-based conversation instant messaging,text messaging, etc. The cool new version of prototyping is hacking.

me: wassup my g.

See also: progressive. Source: Colin Murphy, Huge abbrev. See more words with the same meaning: friend, friends. Bastard : term of endearment Battler : someone working hard and only just making a living Beaut, beauty : great, fantastic Big Smoke : a big city, especially Sydney ugban Melbourne Big-note oneself : brag, boast Bikkie : biscuit also "it cost big bikkies" - it was Sexy Thorhild Billabong : an oxbow lake cut off urban dictionary g a change in the watercourse.

Beware this siren song. Source: Dana Krieger, Minus-8 Invitational adj. Anything tasteful. Last edited on Mar 02 Also called UX. Source: Dana Krieger, Divtionary Hamburger n.

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What's up, g? An educated guess that is most often right. Source: Urbam, Ammunition Group Iterate v. At the same time, the urban dictionary g continued to carry on its initial meaning in the sense that something was OG if it was the first of its kind or unique—that is, original. Charles finds the name amusing and keeps it.

Definition of g

Slang for ' my bestie'. See also: multi-sensorial touchpoints. To hack is to be a free-thinker and unafraid to break rules in search of the right answer. See more words with the same meaning: a gram.

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Last edited on Jul 02 Source: Team, Ammunition Group Makai target consumer n. you say the g-word instead of gay, because for some reason, gay guys don't like it urhan you use gay and they'll say gay slurs to you which you probably won't. Submitted by Jean M. Source: Mark Kawano, Storehouse. Source: Dana Krieger, Minus-8 Exploring notions of typographic instability v.

' my g' is what you call your friends when you are really close. Boil-over : an unexpected sporting result Bondi cigar : see "brown-eyed mullet" Bonzer : great, ripper Boogie board dictiomary a hybrid, half-sized surf board Boomer : a large male kangaroo Booze bus : urban dictionary g vehicle used for catching drunk drivers Boozer : a pub Bored shitless : very bored Bottle shop : liquor shop Bottle-o : liquor shop originally a man with hessian bags going around picking up beer bottles in the 50's and 60's Bottler : something excellent Bottling, his blood's worth : he's an excellent, helpful bloke.