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Pattaya addicts barstool banter

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Pattaya addicts barstool banter

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I make this post because I am very disappointed of what is becoming Kinnaree buffet right now, and I review new places.

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Rooms are better than Kinnaree, but same quality as Passion.

Food is better than Passion, same price and there is food during all afternoon, they are not cheap charlie like Kinnaree where there is tiny slot of 30 minutes with food. My sum up: If you don't want to bother with buffet having food or not, best plans now are Passion and Viper. The week-end buffet is now getting worse and worse.

If you have a question about the Philippines, it will most likely be answered in minutes from experienced Philippines veterans giving you valuable insight in moments. IMHO this patttaya not what a gentlemen club should look like. They have food all day, And Viper is the best. I really think Kinnaree is becoming a cheap charlie place.

All information on Philippines Addicts is updated in real time pattaya addicts barstool banter new nightlife information being posted almost every minute with a high pattaya addicts barstool banter of informational posts and viewers. Here's the regular week-end in Kinnaree: Buffet is starting Same concept as Kinnaree, if you spend bahts on your bins, then food is free for Kinnaree, need to spend ThB to have buffet free, this price including the price of the buffet ThB, even if barstoil is only vegetables remaining.

And Passion is my place 2. I know ladies there are not stunners, but sometimes, why not It's certainly pattaha fun in Fuck buddy Duck Key Florida Philippines if you are a member of Philippines Addicts. ST room is also more expensive than Kinnaree vs ThBbut rooms are really better, bigger and beautiful, with huge bathtub in bathroom.

Only one banterr point of Passion for a regular customer coming from Kinnaree just like me : the need to bargain with ladies for sex, there is no fixed price barstoo ST like in Kinnaree. But for sure, my best afternoon time is now in Viper.

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Most trip reports are filled full of useful information on how to properly monger your way in the Philippines with tips on finding beautiful Filipinas to help you enjoy your stay even more. They really have stunners and great food all day. So I tried to find new places for good food and good sex.

Viper has food everyday, and quality of food is excellent. And aroundall the meat is already finished, only vegetables left. When I don't need to eat, and I don't want to spend a lot of money on ladies, I still go Kinnaree.

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If you look at the Kinnaree website, the "all you can eat" advertising looks like a joke. Ladies are more expensive in Passion than Kinnaree, they ask between and ThB, but as they are really more beautiful than Kinnaree's girls, this is worth the money.

Subic Barstoo Forum Nightlife Philippines Subic Message Board The Philippines has a lot more to offer than nightlife and Philippines Addicts provides it's visitors with thousands of trip reports and helpful tips from all over the Philippines showing it's true beautiful splendors of nature found throughout its Islands. This is something I really appreciate in Kinnaree. Passion has free buffet everyday, Kinnaree only Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

I make this post because I am very disappointed of what is becoming Kinnaree buffet right now, and I review new places. But concerning ladies, I think Kinnaree is still very fair.

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Food in Passion is very good and there is food available all afternoon, from to evening. Good food all day, and beautiful ladies.

Ladies ask ThB for ST, it's more expensive than Kinnaree, but ladies in Viper are stunners, this is really worth the money. Kinnaree is isolated from downtown, and there is no food around for sale in the street.

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For those who know, in Kinnaree room 1 the first room on the right when coming inside Kinnaree, behind the security guythey kept several months a mattress with a huge hole in the middle, it was really not easy to fuck a girl on this bed Pattaya addicts barstool banterno more beef and pork ribs. Barfine is expensive, ThB. So if you arrive after and u did not eat before, u need to find another place.

now, you won't regret it. All ladies still ask bahts for ST, this is, IMO, a very good gentlemen's concept to not have to bargain for sex.

Indeed, if u come to Kinnaree afterjust forget about food. Ladies are also not so beautiful as before. And ladies accept to have good time inside bathtub too.